University of Science and Technology, UD has successfully researched and manufactured the product "Cabin carrying Covid-19 patients in the isolation ward of the hospital"

This is a product manufactured according to the order of Lien Chieu District Medical Center to transport patients suspected of being infected with Covid 19 at the unit.

Product "Cabin for carrying Covid 19 patients in the isolation area of the hospital"

The product's advantage is that it can both be transported by electric scooters in the hospital premises and can be disassembled to move manual scissors in corridors or in elevators.

The structure of this product includes an electric motorcycle, a closed cabin made of aluminum material with a cabin weight of 80 kg, dimensions 1570mm long, 940mm wide, 1800mm high, including four wheels including two fixed wheels, two self-selecting wheels, the cabin is made of steel chassis to ensure rigidity. The cabin shell is made of aluminum material to reduce the weight of the cabin, and EPS insulation.

The close-up view of the cabin being disassembled from the electric motorcycle

The cabin is equipped with a chair that can be seated or flipped over to suit all patient conditions. The equipment in the cabin includes a disinfecting spray system, exhaust fan system, oxygen system and lighting system in the cabin to meet the requirements of the cabin like a negative pressure chamber, ensuring no spread of bacteria. out into the air. Outside the cabin, it is installed with electrical equipment such as altitude lights, headlights, brake lights, emergency lights.

The cabin can carry a load of about 100kg when towed by an electric scooter and when towed by hand it can be up to 200kg

Master Dang Xuan Thuy - Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Product Operation

The cost to manufacture this product is estimated at 60 million VND. If production is a lot, the cost can be reduced, about 50 million VND.

Master Dang Xuan Thuy- Lecturer of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering pulls the cabin by hand

The product is researched and manufactured by Master Dang Xuan Thuy - Lecturer in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, University of Danang. He said that in the process of researching and manufacturing products, he received the support, participation and advice of Master Huynh Ba Vang - Faculty of Traffic Mechanics and colleagues in the Department of Mechanical Engineering to help and facilitate the process. manufacturing process from the equipment of the Mechanical Workshop.

The close-up view of cabin control buttons

However, in the process of making products, teachers also encountered many difficulties. With the initial estimate from the design concept to manufacturing, finishing the product takes about 15 days. But when starting to implement, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Da Nang, it was quite difficult to find and buy accessories. There are many types of equipment that, when purchased, are not suitable, so you must search to buy equipment to suit the design calculations of the product. In addition, before the city's policy of not gathering crowds, he had to undertake all stages of research, manufacturing, and assembling from the mechanical part to the electrical part, to the arrangement of the spraying system. bacteria and other systems resulted in an extended build time according to the original design plan of 15 days.

Interior structure of the Cabin

The lecturer shared: “In the coming time, the product will further adjust and improve the air filtration system with a membrane filter to meet the standards of the medical industry so that the product becomes more and more perfect and better to meet the needs of hospitals. ".

The product was handed over and put into use at Quan Lien Chieu Medical Center on July 1, 2021.

The Oxygen system in the cabin

Evaluating the product, Doctor Le Van Sy - Director of Lien Chieu District Medical Center said: “The use of this product ensures the safety of patient transport, avoiding the spread of the virus to the surrounding environment. In the case of serious patients, this cabin is also responsive in providing oxygen to the patient and disinfecting after use. This model can also be replicated and used in hospitals with a relatively large campus, with internal roads to move, suitable for transporting patients on short distances where it is difficult to use cars. .

“The teachers of the University of Science and Technology, UD have been very active in implementing the product since receiving the idea of ordering from the Medical Center of Lien Chieu District. In the process of making products, the teachers enthusiastically exchanged and met our arising requirements to perfect the product,” added by Doctor.

With the mission of training the leading high-tech human resources in the Central - Central Highlands region along with community responsibilities, through the Covid 19 epidemic, the University's lecturers and students have not stopped researched and invented many useful products to serve the community such as food delivery robots serving in isolation areas, hand sanitizers, and automatic hand sanitizers. During this period, in addition to joining hands to support the Covid-19 vaccine fund with an amount of more than 257 million VND, the University's lecturers also actively supported and researched the invention of a cabin carrying Covid-19 patients in the isolation area of the hospital and has been transferred and used effectively at the Medical Center of Lien Chieu district.

Donating activities to support the University's Covid19 vaccine fund

With highly practical scientific and technological products, it has affirmed the creativity as well as the research and technology transfer capacity of highly qualified lecturers as well as students of the University of Science and Technology, UD.

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