Center for Business Relations and Student Support was established under Decision No. 4277/QD-ĐHĐN dated December 18, 2009 by the President of the University of Danang.

I.Contact information:

Address: 54 Nguyen Luong Bang - Hoa Khanh Bac Ward - Lien Chieu District -  Danang City.

Telephone: 02363-737.879        Email: sserc@dut.udn.vn           Website: dut.udn.vn/serc

Fanpage: Center for Business Relations and Student Support

II.Functions and mission of the Center:

  1. Function:
  • Advise the school administrator on the management and organization of activities at the Center.
  • Manage and organize activities at the Student Dormitory.
  • Manage and organize student support service activities.
  • Management and organization of business relations activities.
  1. Mission:
  • In charge of business relations activities:
    • Establish and maintain a cooperative relationship between the University and businesses in mobilizing funding sources for the University's activities: scholarships for students, recruitment consulting, internships, career guidance, gender orientation, and training programs. job offer…
    • Advise the school administrator on policies to support training to meet social needs.
    • Coordinate with units inside and outside the University to deploy activities to support students, business relations.
  • Management of student dormitory:
    • Manage dormitory according to current regulations.
    • Coordinate with functional units to organize psychological and health counseling activities, introduce accommodation for students.
    • Organizing cultural - artistic - sports - sightseeing - tourism activities or other forms of entertainment associated with expertise and academics, contributing to training students' capacity and moral qualities.
  • Exploiting student support services:
    • Organize, manage and exploit services to serve students' needs.
    • Organizing training, granting certificates and certifications of soft skills courses for students.



Address: 60 Nguyen Luong Bang - Hoa Khanh Bac Ward - Lien Chieu District - Da Nang City.

Telephone: 02363-736.936        Email: ktxbk@dut.udn.vn

Fanpage: The student dormitory of University of Science and Technology

The student dormitory of University of Science and Technology has an area of about 40,000 m2, including 6 houses, nearly 325 rooms, serving and meeting accommodation for Vietnamese and Laotian students.

Currently operating 3 buildings with 130 rooms; 900 seats capacity:

  • Building 3: serving Laotian students.
  • Building 4 and Building 5: serving Vietnamese students.

Each room has toilet, self-contained bathroom, airy balcony, guaranteed electricity, water, internet service 24/24. There are also 05 self-study rooms for students, and there is a dedicated area for the whole school's club for activities. The canteen area has also been put into use to serve the dining needs of students. The dormitory management team consists of 9 staff members, distributed into 03 groups: management group; on duty team; environmental sanitation group.