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Enrollnment Enrollment project in 2022 30/6/2022 2022 DUT

Examination Regulation on master's degree admission by consideration method 1609/QĐ-ĐHBK 13/5/2022 DUT

Examination Guidline for end course assessment in covid-19 condition 2939/ĐHBK- 1/9/2021 DUT

Finance, accountancy Regulation on internal expenditure 3536/QĐ ĐHBK 27/12/2021 DUT

Finance, accountancy Decree prescribing financial autonomy of public administrative units 60/2021/NĐ-CP 21/6/2021 Prime Minister

Healthcare Circular medical affairs in higher education institutions and vocational eduation institutions 33/2021-TT-BYT 31/12/2021 Ministry of Health

infrastructure Report on medium-term public investment plan for the period 2016-2020 391/ĐHBK-CSVC 04/11/2018 DUT

infrastructure Report on expected medium-term public investment plan for the period 2021 - 2025 2809/TTr-ĐHBK 14/10/2019 DUT

Legislation Resolusion on the implementation democracy in activities 23/NQ-HĐT 8/10/2021 DUT

Management Regulation on organization and operation of DUT 05/NQ-HĐT 12/1/2021 DUT

Management Resolution council of the university of science and technology, da nang 10th session 12 /NQ-HDT 14/8/2020 DUT

Personnel Project on job positions in 2021 1415/QĐ-ĐHBK 14/5/2021 DUT

Personnel Project on job positions in 2022 2266/QĐ-ĐHBK 20/6/2022 DUT

Personnel Regulations about and managing guest lectures 1562/QĐ-ĐHBK 02/6/2021 DUT

Personnel Decision on the establishment of the supervisory board for the public employee recruitment exam 1799/QĐ-ĐHBK 1/5/2022 DUT

Personnel Decision about the approval of recruitment results and the results of the recruitment of public employees – phase 1 of 2022
1935/QĐ-ĐHBK 3/6/2022 DUT

Personnel Regulations on working regime of lecturers 3092/QĐ-ĐHBK 8/8/2022 DUT

Personnel Development strategy of dut to 2025 with a vision toward 2035 1838/QĐ-ĐHBK 7/9/2021 DUT

Personnel Criteria for evaluation and classification of officers 2522/ĐHBK-TCHC 28/10/2021 DUT

Personnel Regulations on recruitment, employment and management of public employees 551/QĐ-DHDN 28/1/2022 UD

Personnel Regulations on functions, tasks and rights of the education quality assurance council 3664/QD-DHBK 31/12/2021 DUT

Personnel Circular on standards and procedures for consideration of recognition of accreditation and appointment to professor or associate professor title; procedures for cancellation of recognition and removal of professor or associate professor title TT 37/2018 MOET

Quality Assurrance Regulation on educational quality assurance of DUT 1395/QĐ-ĐHBK 11/5/2021 DUT

Science Research Regulations on management of scientific and technological activities 1404/QĐ-ĐHBK 12/5/2021 DUT

Science Research Regulations on management of international cooperation activities regulations management of scientific and technological activities 3646/QĐ-ĐHBK 31/12/2021 DUT

Science Research Decision on organization of considering and recognizing innovations and improvements 493/QĐ-ĐHBK 22/02/2022 DUT

Science Research Decision on amendment of a number of articles of the regulation on consideration of emulation and commendation for regular undergraduate students 1088/QĐ-ĐHBK 13/4/2022 DUT

Science Research Regulations on scientific research activities of students 180/QD-ĐHBK-KHCN&HTQT 15/5/2016 DUT

Student activities Plan on school psychological counseling activities in 2022 05/KH-HTSV&QHDN DUT

Student activities Decision on promulgating the regulation on student affairs 1001/QĐ-ĐHBK 16/04/2021 DUT

Student activities Decision approving the project of the head lecturers, academic advisors and support consultants for students 1216?QĐ-ĐHBK 22/4/2022 DUT

Student activities Regulations about the consideration and granting of scholarships for full-time undergraduate students 1414/QĐ-ĐHBK 14/5/2021 DUT

Student activities Decision about the granting of admission scholarships to students of the cohort of 2022 3988/QĐ-ĐHBK 20/10/2022 DUT

Student activities Student handbook 2022 DUT

Trainning Regulation on Knowledge, required capacity of graduates and establishing, appraising and issuing training programs 420/QĐ-ĐHBK 28/10/2016 DUT

Trainning Regulation on Recognizing the academic performance and credit transfer 3240 QĐ/ĐHBK 19/8/2022 DUT

Trainning Regulations on training at undergraduate level 2244 QĐ/ĐHBK 15/9/2021 DUT

Trainning Regulation on master's degree training 598/QĐ-ĐHBK 27/12/2016 DUT

Trainning Code of academic integrity 29/QĐ-ĐHBK 9/1/2017 DUT

Trainning Regulation on amending and supplementing a number of articles of “code of academic integrity” 1274/QĐ-ĐHBK 1/4/2019 DUT

Trainning Regulations on evaluation of academic performance of undergraduate students, graduate students 1980/QĐ-ĐHBK 18/7/2019 DUT

Trainning Decision on management and issuance of degrees and certificates 806/QĐ-ĐHBK 30/3/2021 DUT

Trainning Circular on providing for standards and formulation, appraisal and promulgation of training programs of higher education 17/2021/TT-BGDĐT 22/06/2021 MOET

Trainning Decision on approval for vietnamese qualifications framework ND 1982/QĐ-TTg 18/10/2016 Prime Minister

Trainning Regulations on requirements for english communication ability of regular students 389/QD-DHBK 10/10/2016 DUT

Trainning Instruction converting credit equivalents of university of science and technology – the university of danang to the european credit transfer and accumulation system (ects) 4017/HD-ĐHBK 24/10/2022 DUT

Trainning Circular on promulugating regulation on undergraduate education Circular 08/2021 18/3/2021 MOET

Trainning Circular on enrolment and training for master degree Circular 23/2021 30/8/2021 MOET

Trainning Law on amendments to the law on higher education 34/2018/QH14 19/11/2018 National Assembly

Trainning Decision about the promulgation of "regulations on graduation projects of
university-level training programs"
209/QD-DHBK 6/3/2017 DUT

Trainning Regulation on master's degree training 3875/QĐ-ĐHBK 12/10/2022 DUT

Trainning Decision promulgating the list of higher education degree programs of dut 4277/QĐ-ĐHBK 8/11/2022 DUT

Trainning Procedures of establishing, appraising and announcing the learning outcomes of training program 418/QĐ-ĐHBK 28/10/2016 DUT