The valedictorian of Danang University of Science and Technology: knowing how to face problems is to overcome

Long's learning secret is to master the basics and then continue to practice advanced types of lessons, as well as find ways to solve problems yourself.

With a score of 28.9, Nguyen Duc Nhat Long (former student of Hue National School for the Gifted) has become the valedictorian of the 2021 enrollment course of the University of Science and Technology - the University of Danang, majoring in Information Technology (Special) business cooperation).

Dream of becoming a good programmer

Born and raised in the ancient capital of Hue, from a young age, Nguyen Duc Nhat Long always cherished the desire to become an excellent programmer.

Nguyen Duc Nhat Long has become the valedictorian of University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang. Photo: XT

To reach his dream, Nhat Long has spent days trying non-stop, both forging knowledge and learning about the future major. Nhat Long said that while studying in high school, with the orientation of studying in block A00, he chose to study 3 more subjects in the complex.

For each subject, I only choose to study in one tutoring place and I will not search for exercises, exam questions, or watch solution on videos online until I have completed all the homework in the private tutoring places and in class.

My secret is to master the basic knowledge and then continue to practice advanced types of problems, as well as find out how to solve it to gain more knowledge.

During the time of studying as well as studying for exams, sometimes I feel tired and pressured. And at such times, I always overcome myself with the thought "I must not give up, I must overcome myself, because dreams are only one step away from us and of course when we are ready to face with it”, Nhat Long shared.

“After eliminating the impossible, what remains, no matter how unbelievable… is still the truth.” This is a maxim that Long is very fond of.

“I always believe that when I am in trouble, I have to consider and evaluate all possible cases, not miss the negative possibilities, and at the same time, I have to be strong and face the truth.” , Long analysis of the maxim.

Students from Hue impressed by "a livable city"

Sharing about his decision to study in Da Nang, Nhat Long said that the coastal city with the poetic Han River has made great strides in recent years, attracting his dream of becoming a good programmer. a student from Hue.

Nhat Long (far left) and grade 12  informatics - Quoc Hoc Hue High School. Photo: NVCC

I want to come to Da Nang city to live and dedicate myself because of my good impressions of the city of humanity, the typical dishes of Da Nang, the scenic spots as well as the warmth and warmth of the feet of the people here.

When I learned that I had entered the university gate and won the title of valedictorian for the entrance exam in 2021, it made me and my family very surprised and happy," Nhat Long said.

In addition to his "terrible" academic achievements, Nhat Long is also an active union member who enthusiastically participates in volunteer activities.

“Study at school is also quite stressful, but I always make time to join the school union's clubs, participate in the green Sunday organized by the ward.

Those activities not only help me feel comfortable, relieve stress, but through that, I also accumulate more life experiences, know how to love and share more," Nhat Long confided.

The scene of the university lecture hall was opened to Nhat Long and since then, I have cherished a new dream and ambition, which is to experience all the wonderful moments in the lecture hall and become a a real programmer, working in a coastal city.