Students of University of Science and Technology - UD won the first prize in the “Da Nang check-in model design contest"

Recently, a group of students (students) Tran Minh Sang, Nguyen Truong Bao Han (class 17KTCLC2, Faculty of Architecture) University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang (UD) with the design project "Nam O Beach" has won the first prize in the contest "Da Nang check-in model design contest".

Students of University of Science and Technology-UD won 01 first prize, 01 third prize, 01 consolation prizes 

The contest is organized by Danang Tourism Promotion Center for members of associations such as Association of Architects, Association of Fine Arts, Association of Tourism and students of universities and colleges through which to choose design ideas. Designed to build a "check-in" model, in order to create more unique highlights in terms of aesthetics, culture and architecture to promote tourism development in Da Nang.

Nam O Reef model harmoniously combines natural beauty, local cultural identity with innovative design technology

Thanks to its potential and advantages, there are many scenic spots, historical, cultural and natural landscapes with roads stretching along the blue coast, Son Tra Peninsula, Hai Van Pass, poetic Han River and many tourist are such as Ecological Hoa Bac, Ta Lang... The contest has attracted more than 100 creative and unique projects, ideas and solutions, thereby suggesting and proposing new check-in points that are in demand for experience and photography. Photos of domestic and foreign tourists increase the attraction and identity of tourism brands for Da Nang.

Juicy Beach model attracts by creating a highlight service to enjoy tropical fruit flavors right in front of the beautiful beach

A group of students from Faculty of Architecture, University of Science and Technology, University of Danang have harmoniously combined the natural beauty and cultural identity of Nam O sea, where there are traditional villages of making fish sauce, fireworks and friendly people, hospitable with architectural, artistic and technological methods to create the Nam O Reef Check-in Model Project...

The unique and creative model of Arch Gate Danang with the gate to welcome the international fireworks festival is a typical tourist attraction event, typical of Da Nang.

Overcoming difficulties and challenges during the time of social distancing, limited meetings, exchanges, group work as well as surveys and field designs, Minh Sang and Bao Han excellently won the first prize (together) reward of 15 million VND) when convincing the Jury (which brings together experts in tourism, architecture, fine arts, construction) with enthusiasm, creative passion and above all a love of The beautiful coastal city of Da Nang.

Affirming the quality of training, spreading creative inspiration (Photos before the time of Covid-19 epidemic)

Besides the first prize, students of the University of Science and Technology - UD also excellently won 01 third prize (Juicy Beach model of Pham Dinh Ho Trong An and Tran Hoan Ngan Ha) and 01 Consolation prize (Arch Gate Da model) Nang of the student group Bui Quoc Dat, Tran Ngoc Minh Thu, Le Nguyen Hoang) are all from the Faculty of Architecture.

Contributing to affirming the prestige and quality, the traditional "Danang University of Science and Technology" brand name

The creative efforts of the students of the University of Science and Technology - UD not only affirm the training quality, prestige and academic tradition of the University, but also make practical contributions to spreading the Da Nang tourism brand, creating valuable values. value to make this "liveable" city more dynamic, creative and attractive, ready to welcome visitors back when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control.

Congratulations Architecture Students, University of Science and Technology - UD!

The Center for Learning Information Resources and Communication of the University of Danang