Automotive Engineering - Training specialized engineers in line with modern automotive development trends

Meeting the needs of the labor market in the Central region - Central Highlands in particular, the whole country in general and abroad, especially Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. University of Science and Technology - Danang University Nang opens a new Major: Automotive Engineering (industry code: 7520130) and start enrolling students from 2021 with 60 students, applying according to the method of high school graduation exam scores. Candidates can choose from a combination of: Math - Physics - Chemistry or Math - Physics - English.

The Automotive and Engine Testing Center (Project funded from Europe) and systems of new cars are fully funded by automakers (Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Ford, ...) Modern specialized equipment, helping students to have conditions to practice, experiment associated with actual production.

Automotive Engineering is reorganized on the basis of the majors in Engines and Automotive (Dynamics) that have been trained at the University of Science and Technology-Da Nang University for more than 45 years. As a training field since the establishment of the school, it has accumulated a lot of experience in teaching and scientific research, many scientific research works of teachers and students related to engines using renewable fuels. generators, alternative fuels, hybrid motorcycles, smart cars... have significantly contributed to the scientific development of Automotive Engineering and its practical application.

GS. Dr. Bui Van Ga with the research project on converting cars using gasoline fuel to LPG fuel

THACO cooperates with University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang to organize a seminar "New technology on modern cars"

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited the practical and experimental area of engines and cars - Faculty of Traffic Mechanics, University of Science and Technology in February 2017

The training program for Automotive Engineering meets the Vietnam National Qualification Framework (Decision 1982 of the Prime Minister). The training duration is 4 years, the volume of 130 credits for the bachelor's degree and the intensive integrated training program specific to the full-time system (Bachelor's and Engineer's degrees) with the training duration of 5 years, the volume of 180 credits.

Inheriting the training tradition of the Faculty, along with the strong development trend of the automobile industry in Vietnam, Automotive Engineering was born to meet the needs of businesses in recruiting human resources in different industrial fields such as design, research, manufacture, production, registration, and sales of automobiles, etc., especially to meet human resource development for future generations of automobiles (electric cars, hybrid cars or hybrid cars, etc.) fuel cell cars, smart cars and driverless cars).

Students practice on machines and engines to master professional knowledge

At the opening workshop of Automotive Engineering, Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga - Former Deputy Minister of Education and Training said that automobile technology is developing in a new trend of being environmentally friendly. Renewable fuels, alternative fuels and electricity will gradually replace gasoline. Cars will become smarter and safer to use. Therefore, the Automotive Engineering training program of the University of Science and Technology- The Da Nang University has been updated in the direction of approaching new technologies and anticipating the future trend of automobile development. Students enrolled in this program will have general knowledge, in addition to the classic knowledge of mechanics, heat and electricity of the major, they will be supplemented with digital knowledge to adapt to the requirements of practice. .

  1. Nguyen Van Dong - Head of Divisison of Automotive Engineering said: The Automotive Engineering training program has 6 blocks of knowledge according to the general regulations on the training program design, but the highlight of the current training program is taking the Math and Natural Science block as the foundation, the Specialized knowledge + in-depth subjects as the core and modern and advanced industry knowledge. In addition, they are also equipped with practical knowledge from experiments/practices/capstone projects in the direction of modern automotive approaches, especially projects ordered by businesses for students in the future. training process, helping them have practical skills/knowledge to quickly adapt to specific jobs after graduation. The Automotive Engineering program of the University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang has 5 highlights, specifically:

- Firstly, when building the training program, the University organizes a survey of the changing needs of businesses and employers to orientate the development of goals and output standards of the training program to meet the needs of human resources of many manufacturers in the world that investing in the development of future generations of cars, especially the development trend of electric cars, hybrid cars or fuel cell cars and automobiles.

- Second, the Automotive Engineering program trains learners to be able to create technologies to design, manufacture and manufacture new-generation automobiles; capable of operating modern automobile production lines, capable of exploiting and doing business effectively in the automotive field.

- Thirdly, the University has a team of lecturers who are strong in number and good in expertise to meet the training needs of Automotive Engineering in the new situation.

- Fourthly, the University has a system of facilities with full laboratories/practices, helping students to study/research and practice creatively, quickly approaching production reality.

- Fifth, the Faculty of Traffic Mechanics has an abundant alumni force and is holding important positions in automobile manufacturing and trading enterprises. They are ready to support the University in training activities associated with production practices (practice, internship at enterprises).

The lecturers of the Faculty of Traffic Mechanics are trained in advanced countries, have high expertise and foreign language ability to impart experience to students in the best way.

Assessing the demand for human resources in the automotive industry today and in the future, Mr. Huynh Van Dai - General Director of Vinfast Hai Chau said: It can be said that the Automotive industry in Vietnam is just getting started, automobile companies have also been participating in the global supply chain in terms of design, research, manufacturing, and production. In order to have a wheelchair, there must be a lot of activities going on such as: supplying raw materials, researching technology, designing, manufacturing, manufacturing spare parts, transportation, etc. assembly, import, distribution, sales communication, after-sales it can be said that the automobile industry requires a huge human resource of the society. For Vinfast automobile business, we are always looking for high-quality human resources, to meet the needs of technology development and innovation such as electric cars, smart cars to compete in the automotive market in Vietnam. country as well as abroad.

Dr. Nguyen Van Dong guides Mr. Huynh Van Dai - General Director of Vinfast Hai Chau to visit the Automotive and Engine Testing Center of the Faculty of Traffic Mechanics

Agreeing with Mr. Huynh Van Dai on the human resource needs in the coming time of the Automotive Engineering industry, Mr. Dam Ngoc Bao - Director of Da Nang Petroleum Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company affirmed that learners can rest assured about job opportunities of the automotive industry in the future with a variety of job positions that automobile businesses have demand for such as Research and Development, Design and Manufacturing, Engineering, technology, automobile registration, service department, spare parts and market development department, etc.

Students of Automotive Engineering will be equipped with practical knowledge from experiments/practices/capstone projects in the direction of modern automotive approaches, especially projects of enterprises ordered to live. Employees have practical skills/knowledge that can quickly adapt to the job after graduation

To apply for admission to the Automotive Engineering major, for the 2021 admissions course, after the results of the high school graduation exam are available, each candidate can adjust the enrollment registration up to 03 times during the period. From August 7, 2021 to before 5:00 p.m. August 17, 2021. The adjustment of aspiration registration registration can only be done by online method; the candidate uses the personal account and password provided to make the adjustment;

Before 5:00 p.m. on August 23, 2021: Announcement of the first round of admission results;

Before 5:00 p.m. on September 1, 2021: Get admission confirmation documents

Wish the candidates choose the right career, live their own passion!

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