Top 10 most significant events of the University of Danang in 2016

2016 has ended with many outstanding events of the University of Danang (UD):

The number of Doctoral degree holders increases; 100% college members has been accredited and recognized to meet quality standards for educational institutions; Science and technology flourished with 822 scientific papers (including 64 ISI & Scopus articles); International cooperation expanded with many international projects such as ERASMUS, USAID COMET; 25 high-quality undergraduate programs has been established and developed; UD students received national and international awards; Facilities are invested with several major projects , etc.

These events are the results of official staff, faculty members and students of UD in all fields, gradually making UD become research-oriented university in the future.

1. 25% of faculty members holding PhD degrees, exceeding the target - 4 years earlier than scheduled

To enhance the capacity of the teaching staff to take on the academic activities for the orientation of becoming oriented research university in the future, in recent years, UD has made policy, decisions, and guidelines for employees to study abroad. Until now, 25% of UD‘s faculty members holding PhD qualifications, exceeding the target 4 years (in which that of University of Science & Technology and University of Economics is 45% and 30% respectively). In 2016, UD also have more 13 associate professors.

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD – offers flowers to congratulate 13 new Associate Professor on the Ceremony of Vietnam Teachers' Day, Nov 20th.

2. Two new significant centers to be established

Firstly, it is Center for Educational Accreditation: On March 5th 2016, Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga - Vice Minister of Education and Training - handed over the decision for the establishment and operation of Center for Educational Accreditation - UD.

With the witness of leaders of the Ministry, representatives of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, of higher education institutions, the Center for Education Accreditation - UD has signed the first cooperation agreements with other universities in the region.

Secondly, it is Medical Center of UD: The Center was officially put into operation since October 10th 2016. This is the model of Institute (hospitals, medical centers) - Schools (education units) to contribute primarily to training, scientific research, transfer technology. It works with health units in Da Nang to provide healthcare check-up for the people in the City, as well as for officials and employees, teachers and students of UD.

Ribbon-cutting for inauguration ceremony of Medical center

3. University of Economics - UD adopts autonomy mechanism

On December 31st 2016, University of Economics - UD was approved by the Prime Minister to implement the project of operation mechanism innovation. It is the first university in Central regions and the 16th one nationwide to adopt autonomy mechanism.

University of Economics – UD

4100% college members of The University of Danang to complete educational quality accreditation at institutional level

In the afternoon of October 16th, 2016, the three members of the University of Danang (UD) including University of Science and Technology, University of Economics, and University of Foreign Language Studies have officially received Decision and Certificate on national education quality from the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation (CEA) - Vietnam National University, Hanoi. As a result, UD has become the first university in Vietnam which has 4/4 members completed educational quality accreditation at institutional level including University of Education which was recognized and granted the Certificate last April 08th 2016.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quy Thanh – Director of CEA granted Certificates to leaders of UD’s members

5. Accreditation of training programs according to international standards

In 2016, UD has 03 training programs accredited according to European standards CTI, with 02 training programs accredited according to AUN-QA standards.

Between 12 and 14 October 2016, a group of members from the ASEAN University Network (AUN) conducted quality assurance assessments of 2 advanced programs at University of Science and Technology (DUT) (Electronics and Telecommunications, and the Embedded System)

6. Science and technology has outstanding achievements

In 2016, Science and Technology activities of UD were invested and achieved strong growth. Over 26 billion was used for the research titles at all levels, 33 billion for Technology Transfer. Besides, 822 scientific papers were published (including 64 ISI, Scopus articles).

Council of Science and Education, term 2015-2020

7. Extensive international cooperation with many international projects

International cooperation activities achieved new development. UD has been jointly conducted 15 international projects with a total budget of 5.5 million Euros. Two of those are ERASMUS (European project) and USAID COMET (U.S. Agency for International Development)

Prof. Vidal Frédérique (President of Nice Sophia Antipolis University) and Prof. Tran Van Nam (President of UD) to sign MOU

8. Quality of postgraduate education is improved

As one of the three key regional University of the country, UD always gives special attention to innovate training programs, improve quality of training and scientific research and open more post graduate majors toward highly qualified human resources for society.

With over 40 years of experience in undergraduate training and 26 years in post graduate training, so far UD has 21 majors of PhD training and 36 majors of Master training. Every year, UD has nearly 50 PhD students and 1200 Master students enrolled.

The recent report on post graduate training showed that UD currently have 240 PhD students. In 2016, UD has opened two new majors in Master training namely Architecture at University of Science and Technology and Theoretical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry at University of Education.

In the morning of December 24th, 2016, the University of Danang (UD) held a solemn Conferment Ceremony on Master and Doctoral Degree stage 2 in 2016 for 06 PhD students who successfully defended doctoral thesis and 734 Masters.

9. UD students receives national and international awards

In addition to the outstanding achievements in the academic, research activities and those in Youth Union movement, UD Students received many national and international awards and awards such as entrepreneurship ideas award, second prize in leader award 2016, third prize in international Programming ACM / ICPC in Asia and second prize in ACM / ICPC nationwide, the Olympic award of econometric and the application 2016, etc.

Meanwhile, there are many students sent to foreign countries under exchange program.

The award ceremony of International Programming ACM / ICPC Asia 2016

10. Facilities are invested strongly with several projects

In 2016, UD has carried out construction projects with a total value of over 300 billion.

Perspective of the construction project of UD Phase III

The University of Danang –