New students excited to enroll online

The first day of school of the first year students of  universities in Da Nang is very emotional when they have to organize it online.

New students of University of Science and Technology, University of Danang participate online in the program Soft skills training for students.

Necessary instructions and shares

Nguyen Le Hoang Anh (new student of University of Science and Technology, The University of Danang) logged in quite early to participate in the soft skills training program for students of speaker Hoang Duc Bao, Vice Rector of Nguyen Van College. Troi, CEO (CEO) of Vinabook - Medic Saigon Company. With the rich sharing of CEO Hoang Duc Bao, students entering the 2021 class of University of Science and Technology are inspired in learning and soft skills training, know how to plan during their university years, confidently This is one of the series of activities in the online back-to-school program of University of Science and Technology Some of the contents are handled by the previous students themselves. The new students heard the brothers and sisters of the previous class share effective learning methods and online learning support tools, English learning methods; time management skills and work arrangement, choose clubs, groups... activities that suit your interests and passions.

Orientation week of University of Economics, University of Danang is organized through online interaction between the school and old and new students. New students participate in sharing sessions about training programs, good study methods, tips to improve useful skills such as research, document citation, criticism... First-year students are also introduced to how to use Edmodo, Turnitin learning platforms; disseminating regulations and regulations; exchange with the Youth Union and learn about club activities at the school... In addition to representing the Board of Directors directly meeting and having dialogues with new students, the Department of Student Affairs also organizes seminars to guide students to get acquainted with the school environment.

As for the content of introducing learning methods, in addition to the instructions from the lecturers, the new students of the University of Economics also shared their experiences, such as how not to be "flooded" in the deadline) for group assignments, study projects, or essay tips is “when you find something related to the assignment—on the course page or on a forum or in any other any article, please save a copy of that article with full source". Mr. Bui Trung Hiep, Deputy Dean of Department of Student Affairs of the school said: “In addition to providing students with the characteristics and training regulations of the credit training form, through workshops (exchange activities, discussion on a certain topic), students are also guided on how to work groups, how to write essays, how to manage time, how to manage finances, even introduce how to design powerpoint.

Nice start

With the second prize in Biology in the contest for excellent students in Da Nang city, Huynh Thi Thu Dung was admitted to the University of Science and Technology by separate admission method into Biotechnology and became a new student in the 2021 course. In the high school graduation exam in 2021, Dung was mentioned as a tiny candidate with a height of 120cm. The petite girl always strives to shine and is loved and respected by many teachers and friends of Tran Phu High School (Da Nang). Dung shared: “I am looking forward to the first day of school in my university lecture hall. Because of the stressful epidemic situation, I can only study online, to be honest, I am also a bit disappointed, but the feeling when entering a new environment has not changed much. The enthusiastic guidance and responsibility of the previous seniors and teachers about the learning environment help me to be ready to welcome the new school year."

Meanwhile, Tran Duc Tri, a new student at the Faculty of Information Technology, majoring in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, had an impressive greeting, becoming the "idol" of many students entering the 2021 course in the new school year, Tri confidently performed online music with the melodious piano sound. Tri said: “This year's back to school season is very special. However, I am really impressed with the way the University of Science and Technology works and organizes its activities; presentations, instructions from teachers and beautiful images of the school through videos”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Quang Vinh, Rector of University of Science and Technology, said that the series of online back-to-school activities is the start for first-year students to become familiar with online learning tools in the university environment. The school also hopes to inspire new students about the new learning environment in the condition that it is not possible to study directly.