FAST students practice and do Capstone Project abroad

The year 2020 continues to be a successful year for the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology in cooperating with foreign partner universities to send students for internships and graduation projects (Capstone Project) as well as graduate study abroad. This year is also the second year in a row that FAST continues to cooperate with LogiViet-France Company and La Soget Company based in Le Havre city (France) - the world's leading company in software solutions. for the field of global logistics - to send 2 students majoring in Software Engineering of the PFIEV Program to France to practice and do Capstone Project at the company's headquarters.

In 2020, the Vietnam-France High-Quality Engineers Program (PFIEV) has cooperated to send 06 students of Course 15 of PFIEV to practice and do Capstone Project in France and Canada, including 02 students working at La Soget Company (Le Havre), France), 02 students at Polytech Marseille (France), 01 student at Grenoble INP (France), 01 student at the University of Montréal (Canada). All students are fully funded and paid during their internship and Capstone Project. Thanks to excellent research and gathering achievements, two students continued to receive scholarships to study Master in France and Canada after completing the internship program.

Through cooperation programs with partners in Asia, there were 05 students of the 15th ECE and 15 ES courses of the Vietnam-US Advanced Program in Electronics and Telecommunications and Embedded Systems and IoT industries received scholarships. to do Capstone Project in 2020, including 04 students working on Capstone Project at National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan) and 01 student at The University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo, Japan). After graduating, student Nguyen Duc Huy, class 15 of ES, received a Master's scholarship at the prestigious TU Delft University (Netherlands).

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