The online Yakult factory visit and TechJob Friday

Friday program organized by Yakult company and Da Nang University of Technology in 2021 has received many positive feedbacks from students. The activity brought you knowledge related to actual industrial production and personnel recruitment at Yakult, including specific contents:

  • Information about the company, Yakult products and the role of gut health
  • Yakult production line at Yakult Vietnam factory
  • Recruitment process/how to apply at Yakult
  • Culture and working environment at Japanese companies
  • Exchange with Prizes and Q&A


Realizing the positive effects of the programs, Yakult Company and P. CTSV will plan to continue to carry out more meaningful activities in 2022, helping them to access knowledge. New jobs and job opportunities are now increasingly difficult in the complicated epidemic situation. This also shows the responsibility of businesses in social issues, especially education in Vietnam.