If it's a party, it will have to end, our contest has also come to an end. We are really happy that everyone has actively participated and accompanied us during the past time. Thank you very much everyone!

Our organizers have had a hard time determining the owners of the contest prizes. With an objective of being fair to everyone, we excluded all accounts that voted invalid for the contest. And here are the results of this contest:


 First prize: Nguyen Tung Chi - 21DTCLC3 - Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

Exam link: https://url.dscdut.com/Nguyentungchi

 The second prize: Huynh Thi Thuc Vi - 21TCLC_NHAT2 - Faculty of Information Technology

Exam link: https://url.dscdut.com/ThucVi

 The third prize: Trinh Huy Nam - 21TCLC_DT4 - Faculty of Information Technology

Exam link: https://url.dscdut.com/HuyNam

 Impressive prize:

Tran Kim Nhat - 20D2- Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Le The Vu - 18CDT2 - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Nguyen Sinh Thuat - 18CDT2 - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Nguyen Trung Truc - 21KTHH1 - Faculty of Chemistry

Nguyen Thi Kieu Trinh - 20KTHH1 - Faculty of Chemistry


 We would like to congratulate those who have excellently received gifts from us. Winners will be notified via email of the time and place of their prize collection.

In addition, all participants will receive a certificate of participation for community service scoring.

The special thing in this contest is that we have voted for the 5 most impressive contests. Those are exams with very meaningful messages, with the highest score from the Judges but the interaction score is not high. You will receive a commemorative keychain of the program.

 Finally, once again, we would like to thank everyone for accompanying us until the last day of the event. Despite the best efforts, the contest still has shortcomings, hope everyone can ignore it. Thank you very much and wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2022 new year to continue to work hard every day for your passion!

 Thank you very much, see you all at the next event.