TechJob Friday - Science and technology exchange on Friday afternoon between businesses and students.

On December 10, 2021, Department of Student Affairs - University of Science and Technology  - University of Danang collaborate with Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd. to hold a sharing session with the theme TECHJOB FIRDAY with the participation of the participation of 70 students from the faculties of Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Project Management,...

In order to help you better understand job opportunities, welfare regimes at Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd., how to apply, and recruitment criteria. Yakult also introduced to students a modern production line from Japan at the Yakult Vietnam factory.

This two-in-one combination brought a very meaningful exchange. The students went through 3 topics in turn:

  1. Share information about the company Yakult

Here, the development history and the most basic information about Yakult Honsha corporation to Yakult Vietnam have been brought, helping students to have the first look at the business.

  1. In the next part, the students learned about the production process of fermented milk bottles at the Yakult Vietnam factory in Visip Industrial Park, Binh Duong province.

Equipment and lines through each stage are introduced visually to give viewers a realistic view of industrial-scale production. Thereby helping you to make a clearer connection between theory and practice.

  1. Finally, the officer in charge of human resources of Yakult Company, shared about how to find recruitment information and apply at Yakult company, along with salary, bonus and welfare regimes when becoming an employee of Yakult Vietnam.

During the exchange, the students had the opportunity to directly talk with businesses, present questions about the production line as well as recruitment information, thereby helping them gain more knowledge and experience. More useful information, carefully prepare your luggage after graduation.

Through the success of this first TechJob Friday, both businesses and schools want to be able to organize more meaningful exchanges like this, providing additional support for students in this context. There are still many complicated developments in the epidemic and the current approach to job opportunities is still limited

Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established on June 26, 2006, is the 30th member of Japan's Yakult Honsha group, with a total investment capital of over 400 billion VND due to the capital contribution of Japan's Yakult Honsha company (80%) and Danone Group of France (20%), are the leading companies in the field of production and sales of fermented milk drinks containing Lactobacillus casei Shirota beneficial bacteria.