The Department of Personnel and Administration (DUT) successfully completed the work of reception to welcome the ASIIN accreditation team

This is the first time that the University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang has been accredited by a prestigious organization from ASIIN-Germany, one of the world's leading countries in science, engineering and technology.

ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics) is a prestigious accrediting organization in the system of the European University Accreditation Association (ENQA).

In Vietnam, ASIIN is allowed to conduct assessment and accreditation activities in Vietnam for higher education institutions and training programs at higher education levels in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, math and statistics, computer and information technology, science education and teacher training. ASIIN's accreditations are recognized for their validity assuring the quality of higher education worldwide.

This organization will comprehensively evaluate training programs in many aspects including output standards, curriculum framework, teaching staff, facilities, quality assurance and connection between schools, students, with businesses.

The 11 training programs participating in this accreditation are divided into 4 groups of majors, including: Undergraduate Program and Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering; Undergraduate of Information Technology, major of Information Technology (Japanese), Program of Master of Science in Computer Science; Undergraduate program majoring in Technology and Engineering of Building Materials, Undergraduate program and Master's degree in Civil Engineering of Waterworks; Undergraduate program in Natural Resources and Environment Management, Construction Economics major, Master program in Construction Management.

The accreditation is carried out methodically and professionally. During the two official working days, stakeholders worked actively with interviews and visits to the laboratory system and other facilities on campus.

After 2 working days, the ASIIN assessment has ended with impressive numbers:

- 23 official working sessions of 4 Clusters;

- 11 undergraduate & postgraduate training programs of 06 faculties have been evaluated by international experts, business representatives and domestic students;

- 27 points of facility at laboratories, practice spaces, libraries, Faculty offices, Departments, ..

- 06 stakeholder groups participated in the interview in 02 days. Including 06 Deans, 06 Vice Deans; 06 Program Managers, 35 SAR Team Members; 56 Officers and Lecturers; 67 Students (1st Year – 4th Year); 69 Industry Partners and Alumni.

In order to prepare for the ASIIN accreditation round, the University has made a methodical and professional preparation from writing the self-assessment report to the organization with the smooth coordination from the stakeholders. Especially, the work of reception in charge of the Department of Personnel and Administration has contributed positively to the overall success of this assessment.

Making a good impression on the members of the accreditation team from the moment they arrived to Vietnam until the end of this event was the result of the efforts and solidarity of the staff of the Department of Personnel and Administration. With the spirit of serious work and unity in activities from leaders to employees, the Department is proud to have successfully completed the tasks assigned by the University, contributing to increasing professionalism in the reception work of the upcoming audits.

Source: Learning Resources and Communication Center, UD-DUT.