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Provides access to electronic databases through the Special Reader Service of the National Agency for Science and Technology Information, under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Including the following databases:

STD – Vietnam Science and Technology Publication Database

The full-text database of Vietnamese S&T documents in the form of excerpts has been published in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and scientific conferences, built and updated by the National Agency for Science and Technology Information since 1987. . Currently, STD has more than 200,000 records, of which over 120,000 are attached to the original PDF file format updated weekly. On average, over 11,000 new documents are updated each year.

Science & Technology tasks in Vietnam

Vietnam's largest bibliographic database of Science & Technology tasks, including a database of ongoing Science & Technology tasks and a database of results of Science & Technology tasks. The database has more than 20,000 records with bibliographic descriptions and summaries; updated about 1,200 - 1,500 tasks/year. Using this database, you can know detailed information about the director and staff involved in the research project, the lead agency and a summary of the main results of the study.


ScienceDirect (a product of Elsevier) is the essential source of information for research and training. This is a full-text collection that covers core scientific literature with many high-impact journals. The database currently has more than 9 million full-text articles and is increasing by ½ million each year, covering 24 fields of science and technology. The number of peer-reviewed journals is over 2,500 titles.

ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central is a large database including 25 multidisciplinary databases, handling over 19,000 journals, including more than 13,000 full-text journals; covers over 160 different subject areas under; offers the full text of 56,000 theses theses in the field; conference materials...

Springer Nature

Springer Nature is one of the world's leading sources of electronic news, the Springer publisher's portfolio of publications, including more than 2,700 scientific and technological journals in fields such as engineering, chemistry, and materials science, computer science, medicine.... In addition, readers can view the full text of over 24,000 books published by Springer Publishing from 2005 to 2014 to which NASATI has purchased access. Springer Link is the preferred data source for university researchers, businesses, and other important research centers.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE Xplore Digital Library The IEEE (American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) can provide over 3 million of the world's highest quality full-text documents in the fields of nose science and technology such as IT, Electronics - Telecommunications, automation, energy,... Papers have been published in 10 IEEE journals and 1,200 conference proceedings organized by IEEE. The library is updated weekly with more than 20,000 new documents monthly including articles that are allowed to be provided before publication.


The chemical journal database of the American Chemical Society currently publishes 44 leading scientific journals in the world. ACS has been publishing research in chemistry and related fields for more than 130 years. The database also provides weekly newsletters about businesses and activities in chemical technology

ISI - Web of Knowledge

ISI Web of Knowledge is a powerful tool to search and evaluate the quality of scientific works on a database of scientific citations from more than 12,000 world leading publications updated weekly. Including: 8,060 journals in the fields of natural sciences, science and technology, 2,697 journals in the fields of social sciences,... and more than 150,000 documents of conferences and seminars with a long history back to 1900. ISI is an indispensable tool in assessing the quality of scientific works according to international standards, allowing accurate identification of development trends of the fields of science and technology in the past, present and future as well as in the future. such as determining the position of each research institution and of each country in the field of science and technology

IG Publishing

IG Publishing is a publisher of iGroup (Asia Pacific Ltd) that has cooperated with more than 100 prestigious publishers in the world and provides book series in the form of online e-books. Currently, IG Publishing has provided more than 80,000 titles on the following topics: S&T, Medicine,...


Launched in November 2004, Scopus is Elsevier's largest abstract and citation database containing both confidential research materials and valuable web data. With material from more than 5,000 international publishers, SciVerse Scopus provides the research community with a simple, quick, accessible and searchable source of aggregated, accessible and searchable data to support research needs in scientific fields. science, engineering, medicine,...

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