Function and mission

I. Function 

   The Learning Resources & Communication Center has the function of advising, assisting and being responsible to the Rector for the organization, exploitation, storage and provision of information and materials in the fields of science, technology, economy, ...; managing communication activities, promoting the school's brand name in service of training and scientific research in the University.

II. Mission

    1. Learning Information Resources
      1. Develop a plan to develop and supplement resources for teaching and research according to the proposals of the units and the annual plan of the University;
      2. Organize and manage learning materials according to professional standards;
      3. Guide to search, introduce reference materials for users of information for research, teaching and learning;
      4. Receiving donated materials;
      5. The organization provides products and services to support the exploitation and use of information and documents.
    2. Communication
      1. Formulate and organize the implementation of a plan to communicate and promote the brand name of University of Science and Technology, University of Danang;
      2. Building relationships with mass media agencies to report and promote the image of the University;
      3. Coordinating with units in the University to make media publications to promote the school's brand name; carrying out communication activities, promoting information resources, products and services at the Center;
      4. Organize and manage a network of collaborators to collect news and report on the University's activities on the mass media.