Volunteer Spring - Give Love for the New Year's Eve

23/02/2022 14:14

Responding to the "Volunteer Spring Campaign for the academic year 2021-2022" launched by the Youth Union of DUT, FAST together with collaborators, come and give gifts to families with difficult circumstances in Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district and Hoa Tho Dong ward, Cam Le district, Da Nang city.

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Spring Send Love

21/01/2021 18:50

The youth sell cakes and organize concert to raise fund to support children and people in need

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Robot Maze Runner

19/01/2021 15:51

This activity is to strengthen scientific student research activities and exchange with high school students

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Happy Hour

08/01/2021 10:05

The buffet party and musical performances are organized for students and teachers in the faculty to create a close and cohesive atmosphere.

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Traditional Football Tournament - FAST CUP

31/12/2020 10:00

The Youth Union organizes football matches to exchange solidarity and enhance sports activities for students in the Faculty

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Celebrating Vietnam Teachers' Day and welcoming First-year students for the course 2020

18/12/2020 11:10

This is a cultural activitiy to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day as well as to honor and award scholarships to individuals with outstanding academic results and the youth's activities.

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PFIEV 20th Anniversary Celebration Football Tournament

12/11/2019 09:23

In harmony with the atmosphere of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the PFIEV, the Youth Union of FAST organizes a men's soccer tournament to celebrate this important event.

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Charity Music Night UNDER THE MISTLETOE – Santa’coming tonight

03/10/2019 21:41

The Youth Union of English Faculty cooperates with the Youth Union of FAST and Community of Advanced Program Students organize the music night to raise fund to help children with difficult and disabled circumstances to get through a winter and have a happy Tet

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DUT students participate in Sakura 2018 youth science exchange in Japan: Experience the Robocon competition in Kyushu

27/05/2018 16:16

In the Sakura 2018 science and technology exchange program, the exchange delegation of students from the University of Science and Technology - the University of Danang was honored to be invited to follow the Robocon competition in Kyushu.

This is considered the largest competition in Kyushu for students of engineering schools. This year, the contest brings together 20 participating teams from 10 famous schools in the region with the theme ボトルフリップ。カフェ - Bottle flip cafe.

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Robot Maze Runner 2018

01/11/2018 16:39

Teams compete by having their own designed robots explore the maze and reach the finish line in the shortest time

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Students of FAST Faculty participate in international student exchange program in Kon Tum

24/05/2018 15:50

The program took place from October 21st, 2018 to October 24th, 2018 at The University of Danang - Campus in Kontum. This is an opportunity for students to exchange and learn about the following topics: Students with start-up and international integration.

List of students participating in the Program:

- Nguyen Van Minh Nhan (17ECE2)

- Dang Le Trong Anh (17ES)

- Ho Nguyen Bao Tran (17ECE1)

- Nguyen Hoang Phuong (17ES)

- Nguyen Thuong Thuong (16 CNCN)

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