I. Function

The Legal Inspection Department has the function of advising, assisting and taking responsibility before the Rector for inspection and examination; receiving citizens, settling complaints and denunciations; anti-corruption within the scope of functions as prescribed by law; implementing and managing legal activities and emulation and commendation.

II. Mission

    1. Inspection work

  1. Advising and helping the Board of Rectors to develop programs and plans for the school year's inspection;
  2. Organizing inspection activities on the implementation of policies and laws on higher education;
  3. Organizing thematic inspection according to the plan and direction of the Board of Rectors;
  4. Inspecting the implementation of the law related to the organization and operation of units and individuals under the University;
  5. Helping the Principal perform the task of receiving staff, employees and students. Advising the Board of Rectors on the settlement of complaints and denunciations in the School in accordance with the law on complaints and denunciations;
  6. Assuming and coordinate with units in performing the task of anti-corruption in the field of education in accordance with the law on anti-corruption.

    2. Legal Work.

  1. Advising and helping the Board of Rectors to develop programs and plans for legal work for the school year;
  2. Organizing the propagation, dissemination and education of the law; rules and regulations of relevant agencies and of the University for teaching staff, employees and learners;
  3. Assuming and coordinating with relevant units in inspecting and supervising the implementation of propaganda and education to raise legal awareness within the University;
  4. Assuming and coordinating with relevant units in monitoring, urging and inspecting the implementation of legal documents of the State; documents on management, direction and administration of the School;
  5. Assuming and coordinating with relevant departments in consulting on legal issues; protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the University, staff, employees and learners;
  6. Organizing the inspection, review and systematization of documents in the fields of activities in the University;
  7. Appraising and giving legal opinions on internal normative documents drafted by units in the University before submitting to the Principal for signature and promulgation.;
  8. Helping the university prepare comments for draft legal documents sent by agencies and units for opinions;
  9. Proposing measures to prevent, overcome consequences and handle violations of the law, internal rules and regulations in the operation of the University;
  10. Implementing the regime of reporting legal work to management levels according to regulations.

    3. Work of Emulation and Reward

  1. Advising and helping the Board of Rectors to develop policies, contents and regulations on emulation and commendation of the University;
  2. Helping the University implement emulation and commendation by thematic, irregular and annual; Launching, guiding, monitoring and summarizing the emulation movement among all officers and employees;
  3. Helping the University implement the guidelines and policies of the Party and State on emulation and commendation work;
  4. Carrying out the work of considering proposals for conferring the titles of People's Teacher, Prominent Professor, the medal for the development of education,…

    4. Performing other duties assigned by the Rector.