Function - Duty

A - Function:

Department of Personnel and Administration’s functions include supporting for Board of Rectors in operating all activities of university’s aspects: personnel, statistical reports, documents of archives, receptions, security, health and environment,...

B - Duty:

  1. Coordination and operation of activities
    • Coordinating in general activities in the university in order to implement the program and work plan.
    • Communicate decisions, directives and announcements of the Board of Rectors to units and individuals throughout the university.
    • Develop medium and long-term development strategies of the university.
    • Synthesize and develop: periodical and unscheduled reports; weekly working schedule; content of monthly meetings,...
  1. Organization and personnel work
    • Organize and manage employee’s profiles in the university.
    • Manage and guide the implementation of policies of employees: salaries, wages, allowances, social insurance, seniority, health insurance, maternity leave, sickness leave, annual leave, etc.
    • Advise the Rector in proposing, developing, and guiding the implementation of human resources: calculate annual scale of employees, personnel management, recruitment, mobilization, appointment, dismissal, training, discipline…
    • Advise the Rector to establish councils: salary consideration, disciplinary review, recruitment, etc.
    • Under the Principal's orders to sign all kinds of work contracts, official employee resumes, certifications...
    • Manage the univesity's Medical room; Organize and manage annual health examination of employees and students; Hhealth insurance for students.

  1. Administrative and archiving work
    • Receive and process dispatches/documents, incoming and outgoing information (paper, electronic, fax, phone...). Under the Principal's orders to sign documents: introduction letter, certificate, ...
    • Perform administrative work, synthesize documents, store, manage and use seals. Drafting and promulgating documents in the fields of organization, personnel, administration, clerical and archival. Directing administrative, clerical and archival operations for officials/employees doing clerical work of units of the university.
    • Check the form and content of documents, sign the initials to submit to the Board of Rectors for signature.
    • Coordinate with other functional units to supervise and manage the implementation of regulations, working regulations, guidelines and policies of the University.
    • Manage the use of Hall F, meeting room A, living room A, conference room E, Hall A; Traditional room; guesthouse;
    • Manage activities of lecture halls B, C, E, F, H; graduate classrooms. Ensure environmental sanitation and landscape in the university area.