10 highlights, outstanding events in 2021 University of Science and Technology - The University of Danang


  1. Develop and issue a strategic plan for University of Science and Technology to 2025 and a vision to 2035

In 2021, the University issued the DUT strategy to 2025 and a vision to 2035 with the main set of KPI - the first step in implementing an advanced university governance model. With this set of KPI, the University aims to build a governance model based on enhancing work efficiency, assessing capacity according to output results, contributing to improving the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of business activities. action of the School.

Promulgating the DUT strategic plan to 2025 with a vision to 2035

  1. Continue to strongly develop the school's teaching staff

With the goal of improving the quality of training, scientific research and technology transfer, the University always focuses on developing the teaching staff, increasing the Ph.D/lecturer ratio to 66.5% and becoming one of the universities with the highest percentage of PhDs in the country (the national average is about 27%).

Honoring 2 New Associate Professors and 33 Ph.D on the occasion of the first meeting of the Spring of the Ox 2021

  1. Complete the key tasks of the training year in the complicated and prolonged situation of the Covid-19 epidemic

Faced with the complicated and prolonged development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the University has proactively and flexibly deployed training activities to ensure the progress of students' learning and graduation. The faculty and staff of the University have been active and responsible in the improvement of 31 training programs integrating technology, engineering, and architecture, and 16 Ph.D programs.

The school organized the "Workshop on solutions to test and evaluate the course in the context of social distancing" with the participation of nearly 400 lecturers inside and outside the University. On that basis, successfully deployed the final assessment exam of 2,127 courses for nearly 82,000 students.

The key tasks of the school year are held online during the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic

  1. Admission activities were renewed, deployed strongly and with high efficiency

In 2021, the University has flexibly applied different enrollment methods. Admission consultancy has been renewed and vigorously deployed, ensuring enrollment targets and quality. Enrollment activities, back-to-school and school opening activities were organized in a diverse, lively and meaningful manner, adapting to the conditions of social distancing due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Admission activities are organized flexibly according to the Covid-19 epidemic situation

  1. The school continues to be successful in accreditation and education quality assurance

04 training programs are recognized by AUN-QA to meet Southeast Asian educational quality standards. So far, University of Science and Technology, University of Danang is one of 07 Vietnamese universities that have met international accreditation standards, and is also in the Top 3 universities with the number of training programs that have been completed. recognized as meeting the highest quality standards in Vietnam.

Continued success in education accreditation and quality assurance

  1. Continuing to affirm its pioneering position in Scientific Research, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Community Service activities

In the school year 2021, the University has published 196 scientific articles in prestigious international journals ISI/Scopus (Q1, Q2), an increase of 40% compared to 2020; 02 national IP diplomas; 02 works won the Third Prize of  Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Awards (VIFOTEC); nearly 200 prestigious domestic and international scientific articles and useful solutions were rewarded. Many scientific research works of students have won high prizes in competitions for scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Many scientific and technological products have been transferred and served to the community, especially products to support the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic... Revenue from scientific research activities, technology transfer Technology accounts for 14% of the school's total revenue.

Transferring the cabin carrying Covid -19 patients to Lien Chieu District Medical Center

  1. Domestic and international cooperation activities are vibrant and bring many practical effects

In 2021, the University has signed more than 10 cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign partners, successfully organized many domestic and international conferences/workshops. Together with 06 leading Technical Universities in Vietnam, the University has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to support and improve the effectiveness of the University's Mission and Development Strategy. In addition, the University has participated in the Project "Innovation of Higher Education Administration in Southeast Asia - PURSEA", sponsored by the Eramus+ program of the European Union, in order to contribute to solving new challenges in the development process. program to become an autonomous university. In the field of training, the University has reached an agreement to recognize credits for equivalent modules of training programs, allowing students to register for training courses at 03 universities. National encyclopedia.

Participating in the project "Renovation of higher education in Southeast Asia - PURSEA"

  1. Join hands to support students during the pandemic

The School Council of the University of Technology, the University of Danang has approved a tuition support package of 25 billion dong in the academic year 2021-2022 (supporting 5% of the 1st semester tuition fee for all students, including freshmen). students for the 2021 enrollment class, graduate students and not increase tuition according to the schedule) to help students and families overcome some of the difficulties caused by the pandemic. At the same time, the school also spent 1,000 scholarships to support learners and mobilized more than 1500 gifts for students affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, the University has also awarded more than 3 billion scholarships to students from the support of businesses and Alumni.

  1. Officials and employees - The school promotes the role and social responsibility

Party committees, authorities, and Trade Union at all levels of the University have coordinated quickly and effectively to mobilize all employees to actively respond to campaigns developed by the Party, State, Government, and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. motion. Donated and supported Covid-19 prevention and control, supported the Central region that was heavily affected by storms and floods, donated to support the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund with the total amount donated and supported in 3 rounds. to nearly 800 million.

Actively respond to campaigns launched by the Party, State, Government and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee

  1. Successfully organized the 9th Congress of the Vietnam Student Association of HCMUT-UDN for the term 2021-2023

The Congress elected a Chairman, including 3 members, 9 members of the Secretariat and 27 members of the Executive Committee.

With the slogan "Fortitude - Dynamic - Talent - Intelligence" along with a high sense of responsibility, the Congress of the Student Union of the University of Science and Technology - University of Danang took place successfully and opened the next stage. a new way for the Student Union of DUT to continue to develop steadily, to remain the flagship of the student movement of the University of Danang.

Successfully organized the 9th Congress of the Vietnam Student Association of DUT-UD for the term 2021-2023

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