Registration of proposal for University level topics phase 1 implemented and managed by University of Science and Technology 2022

Based on the annual Science & Technology plan of the University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang, the University would like to notify all units and lecturers in the whole University participating in the registration of the Scientific research topic at university level, phase 1, managed and implemented by the University of Science and Technology in 2022, with specific information as follows:

  1. Registration application
  • Register at the scientific management website (at:  topic proposal) (see more in the instruction file here).
  • The topic proposal form (under the form T1 downloaded here) with the signatures of the applicant and the unit leader is uploaded to the website.
  1. Priority criteria for selection of university level scientific research topics

- Scientific articles published in journals in the list of WoS and Scopus, specialized science and technology journals or, proceedings of national and international conferences/conferences.

- Products with the University's brand name or having high applicability, specifically: machinery, equipment, materials... and serve as the basis for intellectual property registration (inventions, inventions, utility solutions, industrial designs, trademarks, trademarks, etc.).

  1. Application deadline: Before 4:00 p.m., November 30, 2021 (Tuesday)
  2. Project execution time: 1 year (from January 2022 to December 2022)
  3. Notes

Individuals who do not have a scientific resume, do not update their scientific resume on the website, or are late in accepting projects at all levels will not be approved for new topics.

In order to ensure the overall plan, the University would like to notify the Units and Lecturer to be informed and to register for the implementation of the first university level scientific research topic.

For detailed information please click here.

Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation.